The ways to Shenzhen

• By land from Hong Kong

Take the metro to Lok Ma Chau or Lo Wu and continue on foot along the bridge that connects the two cities then take the metro to Shenzhen or continue on foot.

Take the High-Speed Railway from West Kowloon to Shenzhen.

• By flight

Bao'an International Airport.

• By boat from Macao or Hong Kong

The ways to Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

• By metro

Station: Convention & Exhibition Center (Line 1 & 4) Exit D, 10mins walk to the exhibition center


Fare/Transfer Search:

• Bus Stops Nearby

North Gate (Futian 3rd Road): 38、 50、56、71、80、109、214、221、353、369、373、375、391

East Gate (Jintian Road):34、50、K113

South Gate (Binhe Road): 229、337、382、353、369、J1

West Gate (Yitianzhong Road):15、35、64、71、73、80、235、374

• By taxi

Take a taxi or hail a car online to arrive at the exhibition center.

Please copy the venue name to destination bar or show it to taxi driver as below.

Convention & Exhibition Center


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